A Psalm of God’s Unfailing Love #priceless

My God You are amazing!
Your love is unfailing.
You have never left my side.
Through my darkest days You were there.
When I wanted to give up and die
You lifted me up and sustained me.
You have led me through my personal wilderness
And brought me to the seaside of Your presence.
Here I am refreshed and renewed.
Day by day I am refilled by You eternal Word.
You speak Lord and my heart hears your voice.
I long to see Your beautiful face.
You surround me with your grace and mercy.
Your love has softened my heart,
And filled it with Your amazing love.
Because of Your compassion toward me,
I am able to be compassionate toward others.
Lord do not let the fire of passion die within me.
Help me Lord to remain steadfast in Your Word.
Daily I seek Your glorious face,
And I find You there in front of me.
When I stumble You are there to catch me,
And set my feet back on the path You have created for my life.
You do not condemn me when I lose my way.
Instead You love me and correct me as a Father does His child.
You take me to new depths as I seek to live in Your perfect will.
And we soar together to new heights as we celebrate each victory.
Wherever I am You are there.
You are my God in Whom I trust.
I love You, Lord,
I lift up my voice to sing Your praises.
Songs of Your grace, all You’ve done for me.
Songs of Your mercy, all the things You’ve spared me.
Songs of Your kindness, all the things You’ve done for me.
Songs of Your faithfulness, for I never walk alone.
Songs of Your unfailing love, that led Jesus by His heart to the cross.
You are my Hope and my Salvation, my ever-present Help.
You fill me Your joy and Your peace.
You are My Strength and my Protector.
You are my Healer and my Provider.
My God You are amazing!
Your love is unfailing.
You have never left my side.