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The Grace Table: Your Faith Legacy for Kindle *

The Grace Table: Your Faith Legacy paperback *

Julia Melatis shares from her heart, her story, and God’s Word about how we can model Christ in our daily lives, but The Grace Table is so much more than a “how-to” book. It’s a Bible study, a spiritual growth manual, a hospitality and fellowship handbook, a retreat guide, a mini-concordance of fear, courage, worry, hope, and confidence Scriptures, and a Scriptural prayer book; all with the goal of leaving the most precious of all treasures as a legacy for family, friends, and others– faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation and eternal life.
Julia recommends each reader use a journal or a notebook to make use of the Ponder and Pray and Journaling Prompts sections at the end of each chapter. She shares Scripture throughout her work, quoting several different translations to help with understanding the richness of God’s Word. Additionally Julia encourages women to gather around tables in ministry and fellowship. She also shares from her 40 years of marriage how wives can grow and thrive, even in unevenly yoked marriages, by allowing the Lord to examine their own hearts and attitudes.
The Grace Table can be used by individuals, small groups, and in retreat settings. May your life and the lives of those you love be eternally changed around The Grace Table.


Kay’s Kollection is on a medical hiatus, but I have another contact that can help you if you want something made. Email me at for more information.

Kay’s Kollection Boutique *

My dear sister-friend, Tamara Hogue (of Kay’s Collection Boutique), is custom-designing jewelry & food serving utensils inspired by my book, The Grace Table.

First there’s this “Be Radiant” with lighthouse cuff bracelet to remind you to shine the light of Jesus and share your God stories to draw others to Him.

These “Be Radiant” with shining crystal gem necklaces to remind you “Faith is to be shared and worn like a precious jewel for everyone to see.”


About 28″

And these hand stamped “Gather” stainless steel serving pieces that are perfect for your gatherings around The Grace Table.

Tamara will also create unique pieces just for you! She does stamping, beading, and wire work. I love her jewelry!

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