The Grace Table Retreat Resources

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Links for Craft Projects

The first section are all prayer centered and you can use them for your own:
❤ retreat craft
❤ for on your war room wall
❤ to use as a portable war room

❤And below other projects you can use that focus on ways to reach out around the Grace Table and out and about.

Ribbon Memo Board

Twine Memo Frame

Chicken Wire Memo Frame

Magnet (Cookie Sheet) Board

Embroidery Hoop Cork Board

Shutter Memo Board

Rustic Clothes Pin Memo Board

An Assortment of Clipboards

A War Binder

A Prayer Caddy

Make a Prayer Journal

Use a spiral notebook, composition book, or other blank journal

Make a cover similar to how I describe making the cookbook cover below, except cut down the base layer of paper to fit the front cover of your book. Glue to the front of your book.

Other Retreat Crafts

Paint a Serving Tray

Put together a cookbook of each other’s go to entertaining recipes.


**Have each lady bring 8.5×11″ copies of her favorite recipes [multiple recipes (front and back) per page okay] one copy for each lady attending with a 1″ margin.

View Binders

8.5×11″ Scrapbook Paper

Markers (or have them bring their own)

Glue sticks

A 3-ring hole punch

Use the scrapbook paper to make a pretty cover to slip into the view pocket. Depending upon the busyness of the design on the paper you may need some plain card stock available for them to write on the name of their cookbook, cut out, then glue onto the pretty paper. Or you may want to print out a title cutout ahead of time that can be glued onto their choice of pretty paper.

Alternative to the scrapbook paper:

White and/or colored card stock, markers and/or colored pencils, stickers, rubber stamps, and other embelishments, so long as they are fairly flat and will fit into the view pocket.

Make your own tip cards.

In The Grace Table I wrote about leave Pass It On cards with a generous tip for food servers. You can make your own cards with business card blanks on a computer or by hand. Print a Bible verse and maybe a picture, even just a 😃, on one side and leave the other side blank for writing a note to your server when you leave it with the tip.

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